Totem for the House of Human Beings

Totem of the House of Human Beings

Totem of the House of Human Beings

The totem in the picture was carved through the inspiration and quiet meditation on the relationships that still exist today.
Magnificent Old Growth Cedar Totem Pole. Dimensions: 199” x 37”
Carved from one solid piece of ancient red Cedar.
This house pole shows the relationship of the animal spirits and human beings. At the bottom the human sits, protected by the strength of Bear, while Bear consumes the ones with unquenchable thirsts, and the Ancestors watch from Bear’s ears, hearing and seeing everything. Above Bear, Moon-Frog translates the stories and legend of human events into the language that Mother Earth understands. Rising above the great Moon-Frog is the mechanism of the Sun, churning through our sky so long as to seem endless. Resting on the top of the Sun is the face of She Who Watches, announcing with confidence that beyond her is human territory. And crowning the hierarchy of these causes and events stands the Raven; responsible for the placement of each player in the magnificent procession.

This piece of ancient old growth Cedar is more like a shard, a sliver of a great tree with potential dimensions of 15 to 25′ across at the base. as can be seen in photographs taken by Mr D.R Kinsey of Snoqualmie photographed in and around the 1890’s. At this time in our society, this truly is a magnificent wonder of nature, to be held in a time capsule as a piece of art for future generations to recognize possibly for a moment, the size and grandeur of these leafy beings. I feel that this exposure to something much larger than we are invites the mind to summon reverence for all things of this world. This piece of sculpture is designed for indoor or outdoor installation. Given proper placement in your home, this piece of art could easily be carried through a doorway into your living room and installed as a main architectural feature in your home.

Totem of the House of Human Beings 2009 Summer Melt Down

Totem of the House of Human Beings 2009 Summer Melt Down, Whitehorse Mtn. Amphitheatre, Darrington WA

I look forward to your continued interest and would like to leave you with a quote from one of my heroes, who gives us a criteria in order to recognize a practicing human being. Master-carver Bill Reid says “To be human means to know the needs of your fellow human beings and the needs of mother earth. I think we could use a few more human beings here.”