Totem for the House Raven’s Marriage of Moon Beams Walking on the Beach

One night when the moon was full, the Raven was flying the beach, and in the corner of his eye he glimpsed what he thought were two moonbeams walking along the sea’s edge. Since Raven likes all things that are shiny, and is responsible for the placement of everything in our reality, the raven looks over his wing as he passes the dancing luminescence. Ahah! he says to himself, as to exclaim possibly through remembrance. Yes, these two beautiful moonbeams are the ones to be blessed today, for I am the Raven, and being at the heart, the nature of things, I recognize you two beautiful human souls again. It is true that I am everywhere at each moment for a reason, and at this moment Raven blesses your marriage, and smiles upon your moon beam souls that travel the moonlit beaches of this island. Be at peace, for your family will be wise, and the house of two moon beams will have the strength to last time. As the flame of two houses becomes one, so you have the Raven’s blessing, for the Raven’s marriage of two moonbeams walking on the beach.

And so if you are very quiet and the moon is full, and if by chance you happen to glimpse the moonbeams dancing in and amongst the red and amber agates cast across the sand, spring free and be as one in the gentle light of the dancing moonbeams.